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 Sample of Ernest & Rebecca

Ernest & Rebecca

Art: Antonello Dalena

Script: Guillaume Bianco

Color: Cecilia Giumento

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Youth

Meet Rebecca . . . she spends a lot of time at the doctor's office. She has lots of overprotective grown-ups making her take medicine, and when they fight (as grown-ups always do) it doesn't make things any easier. That is, until this guy comes along: Meet Ernest . . . if he looks silly, that's because he's a germ, one of the “good germs" that Rebecca's doctor says will help her get better. But Ernest is more than that; he's Rebecca's best friend and partner in crime . . . er, we meant partner in adventure!

1. 2008 48p.Mon copain est un microbe
Original CoverPapercutz: Ernest and Rebecca #1: My Best Friend is a Germ

Bull Ernest and Rebecca #1: My Best Friend is a Germ

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597072861 (48p.) (2011) Format: Hardcover

Rebecca is a six and a half year-old girl who is out of luck - her parents are on the verge of divorce and she is always getting sick due to a weak immune system. One rainy day Rebecca's luck changes when she meets a magical microbe named Ernest, who becomes her best friend! Ernest is no regular germ-he's about the same height as Rebecca and he can talk. Can Rebecca keep her parents together with the help of her new friend? And can anyone really have a friend who belongs in a Petri dish?

2. 2009 44p.Sam le repoussant
Original CoverPapercutz: Ernest and Rebecca #2: Sam the Repulsive

Bull Ernest and Rebecca #2: Sam the Repulsive

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597072991 (48p.) (2012) Format: Hardcover

Life isn't easy for 6-year old Rebecca. Rebecca's parents are at each other's throats; her big sister is totally absorbed with her own problems, and her uncle is intent on Rebecca taking her medicine. It's a hard luck life! Complicating things further, her health isn't so good and her parents keep her home all the time. Ernest, the bacterium who's become her best friend, hopes to reconcile her parents. But things get complicated when a new virus named Sam shows up and threatens Rebecca's health!

3. 2010 48p.Pépé Bestiole
Original CoverPapercutz: Ernest and Rebecca #3: Grandpa Bug

Bull Ernest and Rebecca #3: Grandpa Bug

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597073530 (48p.) (2012) Format: Hardcover

Rebecca and her older sister Coralie are sent to spend the summer in the countryside with their grandparents, away from their mother and father, without Ernest. Lost and scared without her friend, Rebecca misses her parents, experiences nightmares, and misbehaves in order to deal with her anxieties. Things begin to change when Rebecca begins spending time with a dog named "Missile" and her "Grandpa Bug," both of whom want nothing more than to be her friend. The only way for Rebecca to break out of her misery is to accept their offer of friendship and learn to live without Ernest.

4. 2012 48p.Le pays des cailloux qui marchent
Original CoverPapercutz: Ernest and Rebecca #4: The Land of the Waking Stones

Bull Ernest and Rebecca #4: The Land of the Waking Stones

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597074001 (48p.) (2013) Format: Hardcover

Rebecca is spending time in the country with her father, and Ernest of course, when things begin to change. Rebecca befriends a boy who is her age, and she sees her sister leave to return to the city on her own. Will Ernest & Rebecca's friendship survive?

5. 2013 48p.L'école des bêtises
Original CoverPapercutz: Ernest and Rebecca #5: The School of Nonsense

New! Ernest and Rebecca #5: The School of Nonsense

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781629910451 (48p.) (2014) Format: Hardcover

Rebecca's cold is gone and along with it, Ernest, her microbial best buddy. Rebecca wants him to come back so much. But at school, there's another virus threatening the children, a zombie virus: the flu! Will Ernest return to save Rebecca and her classmates?

6. 2014 48p.La boîte à blagues
Original Cover