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 Sample of Engelmann



Art: Nicolas Mahler

Script: Nicolas Mahler

Status: One Shot

Genre: Humour

Sardonic take on superheroes, their fans and the businessmen behind them. Created by Korporate Comics in a flash of money-grubbing cynicism appalling even by their standards, Angelman's powers (which include empathy and the ability to be a good listener prove less than adequate to deal with the ever-sinister threat of insane plastic surgeon villain Gender-Bender, or for that matter the fickleness of fashion, a disastrous movie adaptation and a desperate 'Reboot' attempt by Korporte. A brilliant satire.

2011 94p.Engelmann
Original CoverFantagraphics: Angelman #1: Fallen Angel

New! Angelman #1: Fallen Angel

By: Fantagraphics

As: 'Angelman: Fallen Angel'

ISBN: 9781606995341 (96p.) (2012) Format: Softcover