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 Sample of Du grunge en génétique

Genetic Grunge

Du grunge en génétique

Art: Zalozabal

Script: Roberto Bayeto

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Science Fiction

1. 2002 46p.Révélations
Original CoverDark Horse: Genetic Grunge #1: Genetic GrungeHeavy Metal Special #38: 2004 Siren

Bull Genetic Grunge #1: Genetic Grunge

By: Dark Horse

ISBN: 9781569718285 (48p.) (2002) Format: Hardcover

Bull Heavy Metal Special #38: 2004 Siren

As: 'Revelations'

2. 2003 46p.Time out
Original CoverSAF Comics: Genetic Grunge #2: Time OutHeavy Metal Special #42: 2006 Steam Punk

Bull Genetic Grunge #2: Time Out

By: SAF Comics

As: 'Time out'

ISBN: 9781593960025 (48p.) (2003) Format: Hardcover

Bull Heavy Metal Special #42: 2006 Steam Punk

As: 'Time out'

In this second, final volume of "Genetic Grunge" (the first volume appeared in 2002), a series of murders among the Crusaders alerts Umma and her friends. Is Siba trying to kill anyone who comes close to the "Abomination," or are the murders the work of a Crusader who wants to eliminate the competition?