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 Sample of Doctor! Im Too Big!

Doctor! I'm Too Big!

Art: Ignacio Noé

Script: Ignacio Noé

Status: One Shot

Genre: Erotic

Connie dreams of being a super-model. There's only one problem. Her hour-glass figure is too voluptuous. So, she goes to the dietician who prescribes her a supposedly miracle pill. The pills end up doing nothing for her figure, but oh, the miracle they perform on her heretofore repressed libido...! A funny wild sexual romp, much lighter than Convent of Hell but just as mouth-wateringly painted.

44p.Doctor! I'm Too Big!
NBM/Eurotica: Doctor! Im Too Big!

Bull Doctor! I'm Too Big!

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561632084 (44p.) (1998) Format: Softcover