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 Sample of Dernier envol, Le

Final Flight

Dernier envol, Le

Art: Romain Hugault

Script: Régis Hautière

Status: One Shot

Genre: Historical

Humanity is living its darkest moments of the 20th century. While the Earth shakes under the bombs, the sky is the stage of intense combat. Among the clouds, planes strafe, men clash, and fates cross. In the solitude of their cockpits, four pilots, among the best their respective nations can offer, fly off into the darkened skies. Among those birds of prey, heading towards battle at 600 km/hour, how many realize that this will be their final flight?

2005 44p.Le dernier envol
Original CoverPaquet Comics: Final Flight

Bull Final Flight

By: Paquet Comics

ISBN: 9782888901723 (56p.) (2007) Format: Softcover