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 Sample of Demon Wind

Demon wind

Demon Wind

Art: Azpiri

Script: Lovern Kindzierski

Status: One Shot

Genre: Erotic

2002 45p.Demon Wind
Original CoverHeavy Metal: Demon WindHeavy Metal #196: 2002 January [+2 magazines]

Bull Demon Wind

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781932413212 (48p.) (2004) Format: Hardcover

Bull Heavy Metal #196: 2002 January [+2 magazines]

As: 'Demon Wind'

Contains (English):

Night Wings (18p) (Heavy Metal #196: 2002 January)

The Demon Childe! (12p) (Heavy Metal #211: 2004 July)

The Demon's Throne (15p) (Heavy Metal #212: 2004 September)