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 Sample of Damoclès



Art: Alain Henriet

Script: Joël Callède

Color: Usagi

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Detective/Thriller

London, the near future. Ever-increasing social inequalities have seen the birth of a flourishing kidnapping industry. To counter such a constant, overhanging threat, private security companies employing highly trained bodyguards have sprung into existence. Ellie Braxton works for the Damocles agency, the most renowned of those companies.

1. 2008 46p.Protection rapprochée
Original CoverCinebook: Damocles #1: Bodyguards

New! Damocles #1: Bodyguards

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182324 (48p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

Ellie Braxton is tasked with protecting the son of an important British industry magnate, she and her team find themselves faced with terribly efficient and remarkably motivated opponents.

2. 2009 46p.La rançon impossible
Original CoverCinebook: Damocles #2: An Impossible Ransom

New! Damocles #2: An Impossible Ransom

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182331 (48p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

Ellie's mission of protecting a rich young man is getting increasingly difficult: her young client is too visible, too unruly. She manages to thwart another kidnapping attempt, albeit by taking enormous personal risks, and requests her charge now be kept in seclusion. But even the most secret hideouts aren't safe when the enemy is so determined. And the political and economic stakes are high, not to mention personal grudges.