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 Sample of Croisade



Art: Philippe Xavier

Script: Jean Dufaux

Color: Jean-Jacques Chagnaud

Status: Ended

Genre: Adventure/Historical

The battle took place in front of the holy city. The heat was oppressive. The sky was empty of clouds. Who could have imagined? Three people intertwine their destinies to seize power in the holy city of Hierus Alem. To face the danger posed by Ab'dul Razim and his Saracens, the Frankish Lords are forced to stand united. But only Gauthier of Flanders has understood that the real threat is the Qadj-the demon that crawls in the shadow of the Cross. By refusing the battle against the Moors, the young knight will charge alone into a much more terrifying war. In the inferno of the crusades, only those who have chosen to follow the Light of the Martyrs will survive.

1. 2007 52p.Simoun Dja
Original CoverCinebook: Crusade #1: Simoun Dja

Bull Crusade #1: Simoun Dja

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180610 (56p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

The tale of a forgotten crusade, erased from history because it fell into the shadow of the devil. Jerusalem is in the hands of Sultan Ab'dul Razim, and the Christians have raised an army to take it back, led by Grégoire of Arcos and the Duke of Taranto. Only Gauthier of Flanders and his sister-in-law Syria of Arcos are opposed to an attack they deem premature. But the stench of brimstone covers everything, and in a war fought in the name of God, it is the Qua'dj, a demon, who could decide the fate of the Holy Land...

2. 2008 52p.Le qua'dj
Original CoverCinebook: Crusade #2: QADJ

Bull Crusade #2: QA'DJ

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180689 (56p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

The Crusader army has been destroyed by the terrible Simoun Dja, the desert wind. Gauthier of Flanders has gone to look for the Jews of Samaria, possible allies to retake Jerusalem. But the Holy Land is rife with plots and counterplots. Christians and Muslims alike are torn by internal conflicts. And behind it all, pulling strings and offering temptations, one creature: the qa'dj-the demon that crept at the foot of the Cross.

3. 2009 52p.Le maître des machines
Original CoverCinebook: Crusade #3: The Master of Machines

Bull Crusade #3: The Master of Machines

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180900 (56p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

In God's name, but far from His eyes, men continue to struggle and seek power in the Holy Land. Gauthier of Flanders hunts the Aa, a mnonster whose existence stains his family's honour and who is key to an alliance with the Jews of Samaria. Deep underground, the crusader and Osarias fight for their lives, while on the surface the Master of Machines plots to secure his own pacts and get rid of Robert of Taranto. In this terrible struggle for Hierus Halem, more lives, more souls will be lost to the terrible Qa'dj.

4. 2009 47p.Les becs de feu
Original CoverCinebook: Crusade #4: The Fire Beaks

Bull Crusade #4: The Fire Beaks

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181136 (56p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

With the Master of Machines as their new leader, the Crusaders are ready to assault Jerusalem once more. The Sultan must now choose between his love for a Christian princess and his faith. And Gauthier of Flanders, to free his ally Osarias's Jewish people, will have to confront the last part of his mysterious past, a Jinni. As the final battle is joined, truths will be revealed on the nature of gods and demons and the ambitions of men.

5. 2011 56p.Gauthier de Flandres
Original Cover
6. 2011 56p.Sybille, jadis
Original Cover