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 Sample of Coutoo


Art: Andreas

Script: Andreas

Status: One Shot

Genre: Police

A captured virus from a World War II Nazi research center is released in New York when a bottle is broken. The virus takes over the body of its host, names itself Coutoo, and is effectively a serial killer because it is intelligent, amoral, and contagious. One character, Toby-Toby, is sensitive to the thoughts of Coutoo and can recount each killing from the point of view of each person there. Detective Joe Krafft inherits the case from his father. It develops that the elder Detective Krafft was infected, and Joe seems to figure it out, with the help of Toby-Toby. There is a suggestion at the end, however, that he in turn is infected.

1989 48p.Coutoo
Original CoverCheval Noir #8: 1990 #5 [+3 magazines]

Bull Cheval Noir #8: 1990 #5 [+3 magazines]

As: 'Coutoo'