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 Sample of Clifton


Art: Turk

Script: Bob De Groot

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Detective/Thriller

Ex-agent of the Secret Service and colonel to Her Most Gracious Majesty, Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton has become an amateur detective. Scotland Yard consider this excellent old hand as insightful as the illustrious Sherlock Holmes! Without ever losing an ounce of his “British" touch, he resolves complex enigmas for the police and thwarts the plans of unscrupulous crooks. At the wheel of his famous MG convertible, Clifton punctuates his cases with the indispensable “tea-time," cheeky remarks, his devoted housekeeper Mrs. Partridge, and the attention demanded by his cats. Rich in twists and turns, the adventures of Clifton are presented by some of the biggest names in humorous comics.

1. 1978 46p.Ce cher Wilkinson
Original CoverCinebook: Clifton #1: My Dear Wilkinson

Bull Clifton #1: My Dear Wilkinson

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460069 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

One evening, Colonel Clifton is engrossed in a horror story he is reading, being passionate about ghost tales. Soon after the book is finished, Clifton and Miss Partridge's night is troubled by strange goings-on...Could the house be haunted? Our friend cannot believe it. As he heads an investigation in order to discover the naughty joker, his research quickly leads him to Mr. Wilkinson, an artist. A few days later, an unexplainable theft occurs; Is Wilkinson involved?

2. 1978 45p.Le voleur qui ritScript: Greg
Original CoverCinebook: Clifton #2: The Laughing Thief

Bull Clifton #2: The Laughing Thief

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460076 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

Is it insolence or a joke? An intrepid thief plays with the police by warning them of thefts that he is preparing to commit. Not content with that trick, he strives to accomplish these evil feats with as little discretion as possible! A strange method, which intrigues our dear Colonel Clifton, who will try to put together the pieces of the puzzle. He who laughs last laughs loudest!

3. 1979 46p.7 jours pour mourir
Original CoverCinebook: Clifton #3: 7 Days to die

Bull Clifton #3: 7 Days to die

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460083 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

A supercomputer, recently acquired by the Intelligence Service, is able to choose people to eliminate, supply all the information about the target and it even sends out the killers! But it is only a machine and, through the clumsiness of a tech expert, Colonel Clifton is targeted as the next victim for the killers! Death is at his door and he has to come up with an ingenious plan to save his skin...

4. 1980 46p.Alias lord X
Original Cover
5. 1981 46p.coeur !
Original Cover
6. 1982 46p.Une panthère pour le colonelArt: Walli
Original Cover
7. 1982 46p.Sir Jason
Original Cover
8. 1984 46p.Week-end à tuerColor: Denise Dubreuil
Original Cover
9. 1984 46p.Kidnapping
Original CoverCinebook: Clifton #6: Kidnapping

Bull Clifton #6: Kidnapping

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460878 (48p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

Will Clifton be able to keep his very British cool when art-loving gangsters kidnap one of his boy scouts? Scoutmaster Musical Heron and his troop must investigate when one of them is abducted while collecting kindling in the woods. The abductors are demanding a ransom, with which their leader plans to complete his collection of Ming vases. After a huge commotion, the boy scouts go on an unconventional treasure hunt.

10. 1986 46p.Passé composéArt: Bédu | Color: Liliane
Original Cover
11. 1987 46p.La mémoire briséeArt: Bédu | Color: Liliane
Original Cover
12. 1988 46p.Dernière séanceArt: Bédu | Color: Liliane
Original Cover
13. 1990 46p.Matoutou-FalaiseArt: Bédu | Color: Liliane
Original Cover
14. 1991 46p.Le clan Mc GregorArt & Script: Bédu | Color: Liliane
Original Cover
15. 1993 46p.Mortelle saisonArt & Script: Bédu
Original Cover
16. 1995 46p.Le baiser du CobraArt & Script: Bédu | Color: Liliane
Original Cover
17. 1997 46p.Les lutins diaboliquesArt: Bédu, Jo-El Azara, Janry | Script: Bob De Groot, Greg
Original Cover
18. 2003 46p.JadeArt: Michel Rodrigue
Original CoverCinebook: Clifton #5: Jade

Bull Clifton #5: Jade

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460526 (48p.) (2008) Format: Hardcover

Although he wants to take his Cub Scouts to Wales, Heron Melomane (aka Colonel Clifton) is forced to take them to Devonshire. The reason for this change of plan: a note in his letterbox stating that WWII isn't finished yet - signed AKC 666! Decrypted by his faithful housekeeper, Miss Partridge, the message reveals plans for a mysterious meeting. The Bristish Secret Service, intrigued by this note, chose Clifton to sort out this mystery. But Clifton is unaware that MI5 sent a new agent to protect him, just in case...

19. 2004 46p.Lune NoireArt: Michel Rodrigue | Color: Liliane Denayer
Original CoverCinebook: Clifton #4: Black Moon

Bull Clifton #4: Black Moon

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460304 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

The British Secret Service has just learnt that the North Korean authorities are investigating the apparently unmotivated murder of a British citizen who was passing through their capital. The news is all the more shocking as the victim is none other than Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton, one pf Her Majesty's most famous agents! Clifton had been sent to North Korea to bring back the nephew of a high-ranking official to the UK after he was indoctrinated by the Black Moon cult.

20. 2006 46p.Elémentaire, mon cher Clifton!Art: Michel Rodrigue | Color: Liliane Denayer
Original CoverCinebook: Clifton #7: Elementary, My Dear Clifton

New! Clifton #7: Elementary, My Dear Clifton

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181983 (48p.) (2014) Format: Softcover

A simple errand that turns into a car accident, and Clifton bangs his head and blacks out. An unfortunate if not uncommon occurrence, even for the dashing colonel - until he wakes up to realise that his passenger, Jade, has vanished! When, the next morning, a mysterious 'doctor' calls at his house to tell him a fantastical story, the sceptical Clifton is soon dragged into a very unusual investigation. Oh, and the doctor's name? Watson.

21. 2008 46p.Balade irlandaiseArt & Script: Michel Rodrigue | Color: Liliane Denayer
Original Cover