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 Sample of Chemin de lAmérique, Le

Road to America

Chemin de l'Amérique, Le

Art: Baru

Script: Jean-Marc Thévenet

Color: Daniel Ledran

Status: One Shot

Genre: Adventure

The Epic Story Of A Boxer Who Knew His Destination But Not His Path; Set in French colonial Algeria in the 1950s, Road To America tells the story of two Arab brothers, who together wander the narrow streets of the capital tearing the family apart with their loyalties and ambitions. One brother goes underground and joins the fight for his country's freedom from French rule. The other brother takes to the boxing ring and makes a career of fighting with his fists that will make him a European sensation. In the style of Art Spiegelman's Raw. This is a graphic novel with cinematic sweep and richly expressive art, the story explodes with the force of a punching fist or a car bomb.

1990 45p.Le chemin de l'Amérique
Original CoverDrawn & Quarterly #14: December 1995 [+2 magazines]Drawn and Quarterly: Road to America

New! Drawn & Quarterly #14: December 1995 [+2 magazines]

As: 'Road to America'

Bull Road to America

By: Drawn and Quarterly

ISBN: 9781896597522 (80p.) (2002) Format: Softcover