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 Sample of Centaures, Les

Centaur's Tale

Centaures, Les

Art: Malik (as Phénix)

Script: Malik (as Phénix)

Status: One Shot

Genre: Erotic

Horny centaurs and creatures from Greek myth mingle on the same page with wild biker-gang orgies. The left side of each page tells an old classical story... while on the right side, the same story takes place in a modern setting. Centaurs in Greek mythology were often symbols of dark, untamed forces: rude, crude, lewd, and stewed. In modern mythology, bikers have much the same reputation. But even the wisest can fall victim to the wild charms of untamed creatures... In the classical version, Pirithous invites Eurytion the centaur to entertain his wedding guests. Bringing his tribe with him, the rough, lascivious, hugely hung centaur promptly starts a great orgiastic brouhaha. In the modern version, Barclay invites his old childhood friend Cliff to spice up his wedding... with the same wild, nasty result.

2004 45p.Les Centaures
Original CoverLast Gasp: A Centaurs Tale

Bull A Centaur's Tale

By: Last Gasp

ISBN: 9780867196115 (48p.) (2004) Format: Softcover