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 Sample of Castro


Art: Reinhard Kleist

Script: Reinhard Kleist

Status: One Shot

Genre: Biography

In October 1958, a young German journalist arrives in Havana, Cuba, setting out to meet and interview Fidel Castro on behalf of a German newspaper. He finds himself in a country plunged into revolution. From the viewpoint of this young journalist, Kleist presents a detailed look at the life and politics of the Cuban 'Maximo Lider' Fidel Castro, from his childhood to the present day.

2012 200p.Castro
Original CoverArsenal Pulp Press: Castro: A Graphic NovelSelfMadeHero: Graphic Biography #5: Castro

Bull Castro: A Graphic Novel

By: Arsenal Pulp Press

ISBN: 9781551525945 (288p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

Bull Graphic Biography #5: Castro

By: SelfMadeHero

ISBN: 9781906838324 (288p.) (2011) Format: Softcover