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 Sample of Candid camera

Candid Camera

Candid camera

Art: Milo Manara

Script: Milo Manara

Status: One Shot

Genre: Erotic

1988 52p.Candid camera
Original CoverDark Horse: Manara Erotic Library, The #3: Butterscotch and Other StoriesPenthouse Comix #17: November 1996 [+5 magazines]Catalan Communications: Hidden CameraNBM/Eurotica: Hidden Camera

New! Manara Erotic Library, The #3: Butterscotch and Other Stories

By: Dark Horse

As: 'Sexy CAmera'

ISBN: 9781595827814 (288p.) (2013) Format: Hardcover, Dustjacket

Bull Penthouse Comix #17: November 1996 [+5 magazines]

As: 'Hidden Camera'

Bull Hidden Camera

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160987 (48p.) (1990) Format: Softcover, Black & White

Bull Hidden Camera

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561631148 (48p.) (1996) Format: Softcover

Contains (English):

Honey 1: Sense of Modesty (6p)

Honey 2: Three-breasted Woman from Mars (6p)

Honey 3: Crime and Punishment (6p)

Honey 4: The Set-Up (6p)

Honey 5: Ballerina (6p)

Honey 6: The Ritual (16p) (Heavy Metal #140: 1992 September as 'The Ceremony')