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 Sample of Bloody Winter

Bloody Winter

Art: Sergio Bleda

Script: Sergio Bleda

Status: One Shot

Genre: Detective/Thriller

A handicapped boy Ralph has just lost his mother. A couple of strangers break into the house he lives in and take him away without any explanation. Twenty years later Ralph appears again. He is dragging on a roof of the Pierre Hotel in New York holding a gun in his hand. It's snowing and as he is crawling he leaves a blood mark behind him that can easily be seen on a white snow. His legs are paralyzed. He knows that Michelle Pollock's life, a special FBI agent, depends on his coming on time on the other side of the roof and offers her something she could not refuse.

2004 46p.Bloody winter
Original CoverSAF Comics: Bloody Winter

Bull Bloody Winter

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: 9789076752525 (48p.) (2004) Format: Hardcover