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 Sample of Berlin


Art: Marvano

Script: Marvano

Color: Claude Legris

Status: Ended

Genre: Historical

During World War 2, the crews of British Lancaster bombers had the highest loss rate of all Allied units...

1. 2007 52p.Les sept nains
Original CoverCinebook: Berlin #1: The Seven Dwarves

Bull Berlin #1: The Seven Dwarves

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181358 (56p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

An abandoned airfield in 1993: Two women exchange a 50-year-old letter. The year 1943: The crew of the Lancaster S-Snowwhite is dropping bombs on Germany. Seven men, so young and yet so old before their time. Seven dwarves for old Snow White, and their story of the war. The terror of night missions, the flak, the enemy fighters, the mid-air collisions... Death that strikes anywhere, any time, and the love you seek and latch on to desperately to feel alive while you can...

2. 2007 62p.Reinhard le goupilColor: Bertrand Denoulet
Original Cover
3. 2008 46p.Deux enfants de roiColor: Bertrand Denoulet
Original Cover