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 Sample of Bételgeuse



Art: Leo

Script: Leo

Status: Ended

Genre: Science Fiction

In 2184, a few years after interstellar flights resumed, mankind launched a second colonisation attempt, this time of a planet around the Betelgeuse star. The first ship, with over 3,000 people onboard, arrived without incident and remained in orbit while a team of technicians went down to the surface to prepare for the colonists' arrival. Soon afterwards, all communication with Earth mysteriously ceased. It took six years for Earth finally to send a rescue mission to Betelgeuse in order to find out what had happened a small mission, with a reduced crew of only three: two astronauts and young Kim, now 24, who had just finished her biology studies on Earth. Once more, she would be swept into a series of events, often tragic and extraordinary, that would eventually change her life forever. After the six months she would spend on Betelgeuse, world of green canyons, she would never be the same person again.

1. 2000 46p.La planète
Original CoverCinebook: Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #3: The Creature

Bull Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #3: The Creature

By: Cinebook

As: 'The Betelqeuse Planet'

ISBN: 9781905460939 (96p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

The second cycle takes the theme of the colonisation of space further than most sci-fi comics by looking at its ecological aspect. Leilah Nakad studies the Lums, cute animals living on the planet Betelgeuse. Seven years earlier, she led a 3000-strong group who were to settle on Betelgeuse. But the spaceship is still flying around, lost in space. Driss and Alexa investigate

2. 2001 46p.Les survivants
Original CoverCinebook: Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #4: Betelgeuse - The Survivors

Bull Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #4: Betelgeuse - The Survivors

By: Cinebook

As: 'The Survivors'

ISBN: 9781849180047 (96p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

Mark and Kim are sent to Betelgeuse to look for survivors of the spacecraft crash that killed 3,000 people seven years earlier. They do find survivors, among them Tazio Menegaz and Colonel Logan, who tell them the colonisers had been divided over whether the Iums (indigenous creatures) are as intelligent as humans. If they are, the humans would have been forced to abandon their colonising enterprise according to UN laws. Kim decides to investigate for herself.

3. 2002 46p.L'expédition
Original CoverCinebook: Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #4: Betelgeuse - The Survivors

Bull Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #4: Betelgeuse - The Survivors

By: Cinebook

As: 'The Expidition'

ISBN: 9781849180047 (96p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

4. 2003 46p.Les cavernes
Original CoverCinebook: Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #5: Betelgeuse - The Caves

Bull Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #5: Betelgeuse - The Caves

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180283 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

A wounded Kim has been rescued by Hector, but they are stuck inside the planet's vast network of caves. Steve and Inge leave the expedition behind to look for them. All of them make their way through multiple, winding tunnels, trying to avoid particularly hostile and dangerous fauna in order to meet up. But the nightmare creatures aren't the only ones down there. A strange technology reveals itself, and the Iums come and go in large flocks. Soon, an alien yet hauntingly familiar sight will put Kim on the track of Betelgeuse's hidden secret...

5. 2005 46p.L'autre
Original CoverCinebook: Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #6: Betelgeuse - The Other

Bull Aldebaran - Betelgeuse #6: Betelgeuse - The Other

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180368 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

n this conclusion to the second cycle, Kim, Inge, Mai Lan and Hector have been camping for weeks in the wilds of Betelgeuse's canyons, waiting for Hector's ankle to heal. As they get ready to head back to the settlement, unaware that Alexa and Mark have finally reached the planet and made contact with the colonists, the mantris sends Kim an invitation! What follows is an extraordinary encounter that will decide the future of Betelgeuse and change the course of Kim's life forever.