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 Sample of Avatar


Art: Rafael Fonteriz

Script: Juan Miguel Aguilera

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Detective/Thriller

1. 2003 64p.Un regard dans l'abîme
Original CoverSAF Comics: Avatar #1: A Look into Abyss

Bull Avatar #1: A Look into Abyss

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: 9781931724326 (64p.) (2003) Format: Hardcover

Police detective Manuel Gomez is called to a crime scene to investigate the death of a young woman, the latest in a series of murders committed on web users by cybernauts. In order to track down the killers Gomez agrees to take part in a breakthrough experiment set in virtual reality. Manuel is aware of the danger such an experiment poses, but as an experienced ex-hacker, he trusts he will be able to get to the truth unscathed

2. 2004 48p.Griffes dans le Vent
Original CoverSAF Comics: Avatar #2: Claws in the Wind

Bull Avatar #2: Claws in the Wind

By: SAF Comics

As: 'The Claws in the Wind'

ISBN: 9781593960117 (48p.) (2003) Format: Hardcover

Manuel, the deaf-mute police detective, and Valeria, the psychologist, have teamed up to combat a new cyber crime. A number of murders have been committed around the world, each with horribly similar signatures that implicate the same man: "The Vampire".

3. 2006 48p.Les fissures de ma caverne
Original CoverSAF Comics: Avatar #3: The Cracks of My Cavern

Bull Avatar #3: The Cracks of My Cavern

By: SAF Comics

As: ' The Cracks of My Cavern'

ISBN: 9789078285304 (48p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

In a seemingly utopian self-contained complex, some bizarre things start to happen. There are inexplicable power outages in all the surrounding areas; streets aren't where they used to be; people are acting like zombies. When former computer hacker and current police Sergeant Manuel goes with his friend Valeria to visit Val's sister Liz at this complex, they come to learn that some major, but mysterious conspiracy is going on