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 Sample of Armes du Meta-Baron, Les

Weapons of the Metabaron

Armes du Meta-Baron, Les

Art: Travis Charest, Zoran Janjetov

Script: Alexandro Jodorowsky

Color: Zoran Janjetov, Travis Charest

Status: One Shot

Genre: Science Fiction

The trio of Jodorowsky, Travis Charest (Wild C.A.T.s), and Janjetov shows us how the Metabaron assembled the galaxy's most powerful and destructive weapons in an effort to secure his position as the universe's mightiest warrior.

2008 56p.Les armes du Meta-Baron
Original CoverHumanoids: Weapons of the Metabaron

New! Weapons of the Metabaron

By: Humanoids

ISBN: 9781594650819 (64p.) (2013) Format: Hardcover