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 Sample of Alack Sinner

Alack Sinner

Art: José Muñoz

Script: Carlos Sampayo

Status: Ended

Genre: Detective/Thriller

1. 1977 116p.Alack Sinner
Original Cover

Contains (English):

Memories (20p) (Prime Cuts #4: Prime Cuts 4)

2. 1983 163p.Flic ou privé
Original CoverSinner #1: Talkin With Joe [+4 magazines]

Bull Sinner #1: Talkin' With Joe [+4 magazines]

As: 'Sinner'

Contains (English):

Talkin' With Joe (32p) (Robinson (2008) : The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics)

(Sinner #1: Talkin' With Joe)

The Webster Case (32p) (Sinner #2: The Webster Case)

The Filmore Case (32p) (Sinner #3: The Filmore Case)

Viet Blues (32p) (Sinner #4: Viet Blues)

Life Ain't a Comic Strip, Baby (32p) (Sinner #5: Life Ain't a Comic Strip, Baby)

3. 1984 110p.Rencontres
Original Cover
4. 1988 79p.Nicaragua
Original Cover
5. 1999 68p.La fin d'un voyage
Original Cover
6. 2000 Histoires privées
Original Cover
7. 2006 80p.L'Affaire USA
Original Cover