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This site is based on Episodes that are actually original release albums. They are then published in Books and Magazines. Some books are part of a Series (i.e: Orion's English version of Asterix, in order of publication). Some Episodes are also grouped into Original Series (i.e The original French Asterix with the original numbering). Sometimes there is also a list of Sub-Episodes within an Episode.


On the top in the main navigation bar you can select if you want to browse Artists, Publishers, Magazines or Series. You can also go to the discussion forum on facebook or to these help texts."

All browsing navigation alternatives open list to select from in the navigation frame. There is no way to search the site, but the normal browser Find functionality works pretty well in this list. All items also have a number telling you how many publication or episodes have been translated.


The artist page, contains some basic information about the artist, a sample drawing, and a list of Series and Episodes. An author needs to have an episode of at least 24 pages published before getting his or her own page.

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Exterminateur 17
197970p. French Exterminateur 17 Art: Enki Bilal | Script: Jean-Pierre Dionnet | Color: Patricia Bilal
Humanoids Publishing: Exterminator 17Catalan Communications: Exterminator 17Heavy Metal #19: 1978 October [+5 magazines]

Bull Exterminator 17

By: Humanoids Publishing

ISBN: 9781930652507 (66p.) (2002) Format: Hardcover

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Bull Exterminator 17

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160246 (60p.) (1986) Format: Softcover

Bull Heavy Metal #19: 1978 October [+5 magazines]

As: 'Exterminator 17'

A force of battle androids is observed in action by the old man who first created successful androids. He sees a model 17, which was the first viable one, made from his own body cells. Peace is declared, so the androids are killed to avoid political complications. The old man is dying, and regrets the destructive power he has unleashed. He dies and is resurrected on the battlefield in the body of Exterminator 17. The humans see an android come back to life and realize this might cause a rebellion, so they hire Neo-Puritans to kill 17. Meanwhile 17 has taken up the cause of freeing all the androids. The Neo-Puritans learn about 17's supernatural resurrection and let him go, and he destroys the human military establishment. The androids are released, and fly off to the stars on rockets.


All boooks published by one Publisher are on the same page. They are grouped by the Publishers own Series.

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#2 The Group

ISBN: 9781905460700

Pages: 96

Year: 2008

Format: Softcover

Art & Script: Leo

Mondes d'Aldébaran (Les)

#1.3 (1996) French La photo (as The Photo) (46p)

#1.4 (1997) French Le groupe (46p)

A short description of the book.



Magazines are divided into two different types in the navigator: Normal Periodicals and American Style Comics. The Periodicals have an additional Navigator in the Main Data Area containing year of publication.

Only European episodes are listed, so there may be magazines with an empty episode list. If most of the magazines have European comics (Heavy Metal) I will show the empty magazines. If there are only some issues with European episodes (Snarf) I only show those magazines.

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Cheval Noir

1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994

Cheval Noir Cheval Noir #1: 1989 #1
Adèle Blanc-Sec #1: Adele and the Beast1/546p.Art & Script: Jacques Tardi
Cités obscures (Les) #2: Fever in Urbicand1/694p.Art: François Schuiten, Script: Benoît Peeters
Fred et Bob (Les aventures de) #1: Galères balnéaires (1. Summer of '62)1/744p.Art: Olivier Vatine, Script: Thierry Cailleteau
Lone Sloane #2: The Six Voyages of Lone Sloane (1. The Throne of the Black God)1/662p.Art & Script: Philippe Druillet
Rork #1: Fragments (1. A House, A Century)1/646p.Art & Script: Andreas


Series lists all Episodes that has been in the Original Series. There is an orginal name and a translated name, a Status (Ongoing,One-shot,Ended) and Genre. There is usually also a sample from the series. The main creators are listed in the header and for each Episode if they differ.

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1. 2005 46p. Stella
Original Art Heavy Metal #220: 2006 January

Bull Heavy Metal #220: 2006 January

As: 'Stella'