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Portrait of Vanyda


Real: Vanyda Savatier


Country: France

Site: http://vanyda.free.fr


Immeuble d'en face, L'
L'immeuble d'en face 1Art & Script: Vanyda
Original CoverPonent Mon S.L.: The Building Opposite

Bull The Building Opposite

By: Ponent Mon S.L.

ISBN: 9788493399283 (168p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

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A delightful 'slice of life' view of the occupants of a regular 3-storey apartment block and their interactions in daily life. Claire and Louis the 20 somethings on the top floor. Below them Fabienne and Jacky with Gypsy and then Beatrice, the single (and pregnant) mother of Remi. Vanyda brilliantly adopts many design and story codes from manga and cooks them up in a French sauce to create her own piece of "Nouvelle Manga

L'immeuble d'en face 2Art & Script: Vanyda