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Portrait of TieKo


Real: Thierry Cauquil


Country: France

Site: www.ateliertnt.com


Incontournables de la littérature en BD, Les
Le livre de la jungleArt: TieKo | Script: Djian | Color: Catherine Moreau
Original CoverIDW Publishing: Graphic Classics #1: The Jungle Book

Bull Graphic Classics #1: The Jungle Book

By: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 9781600103520 (64p.) (2009) Format: Hardcover

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In the Seeonee hills, a camp has just been plundered. The only creatures who are still alive are a naked little boy and Shere Khan, the ruthless tiger. Just as Shere Khan is about to pounce on the man cub, he steps on the embers of a campfire and is rooted to the spot with pain. The child takes advantage of the opportunity to escape and arrives in front of a cave where he is taken in by a family of wolves. Soon Shere Khan arrives to claim his quarry but Father Wolf refuses and declares that he will adopt the man cub and that he will become a member of the Pack.