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Rachid Nawa


Country: France


Incontournables de la littérature en BD, Les
Les contes des mille et une nuitArt: Rachid Nawa | Script: Daniel Bardet | Color: Julien Ducasse
Original CoverIDW Publishing: Graphic Classics #5: Arabian Nights

Bull Graphic Classics #5: Arabian Nights

By: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 9781600104602 (64p.) (2011) Format: Hardcover

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A sultan is captivated by the marvelous tales narrated to him by the talkative Scheherazade, to the extent that he allows her to live another day, and then another, while telling himself that he can always put her to death when she has finished her last tale. But she goes on and on telling her tales incessantly. Endless tales, that start over and over again, words that flow like a marvellous stream from the lips of Scheherazade. "But the caliph, or so it seemed, wanted nothing more than to hear them, so she continued without awaiting his command.