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Vampires & VirginsArt: Leomax, Oxborne | Script: Fildor
Last Gasp: Vampires & Virgins

Bull Vampires & Virgins

By: Last Gasp

ISBN: 9780867192155 (46p.) (2003) Format: Softcover

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Central Europe in the 19th Century, a land where the wildest tales of vampires and demons coexist next to the newly discovered depths of the human psyche by Freud and Sacher Masoch. Five tales of the supernatural and the subconscious. In them, dreams, desires and debauchery mix in this whirlpool of sexual thrills that a decadent Empire can offer to its subjects. Curses, uncurable infatuations, creatures from the beyond are but a few of the elements of this entertaining collection.