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Nicolas Keramidas


Country: France


Donjon Monsters
Le grimoire de l'inventeurArt: Nicolas Keramidas | Script: Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar | Color: Walter
Petit Prince, Le
La Planète des WagonautesArt: Nicolas Keramidas, Isa Python, Christine Chatal | Script: Nicolas Keramidas, Elyum Studio, Guillaume Dorison | Color: Gwenaëlle Daligault
Original CoverGraphic Universe: The Little Prince #10: The Planet of the Trainiacs

New! The Little Prince #10: The Planet of the Trainiacs

By: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 9781467715195 (56p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

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Panic has broken out on the Planet of Trainiacs, where the only way to get around is by train! But the trains aren't running on time anymore, and they aren't getting to their final destination. Life in the community is topsy turvy! Has Hannibal, the railway switchman, gone crazy?