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Lillian Mousli

A.K.A.: LGX Mousli


Country: Germany

Site: www.mousli.com


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Stray CatsArt & Script: Lillian Mousli
SLG: Stray Cats

Bull Stray Cats


ISBN: 9781593622107 (104p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

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Penny is an embarrassment to her wealthy parents, and suffers the mental anguish of their disappointment. Paul, from "the wrong side of town," deals with physical pain as he endures the brutal beatings administered by his father. Their time together provides their only moments of happiness. One fateful evening, Penny sneaks away, following the lure of a stray cat at her window. The freedom of the night is exhilarating, and she loses herself in this new world. But the night is dangerous, and Penny soon realizes her folly, even as she is engulfed by the darkness. Meanwhile, Paul fights for his very life after a particularly vicious attack from his father. During their separate journeys, it is only their love for one another, and the hope of being reunited, that sustains them in the darkness.