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Kim-Seang Hong


Petit Prince, Le
La Planète des GlobusArt: Diane Fayolle, Jérôme Benoît, Isa Python, Kim-Seang Hong, Didier Poli | Script: Elyum Studio, Guillaume Dorison | Color: Jaekyung Kim, Olivier Supiot, Karine Lambin
Original CoverGraphic Universe: The Little Prince #6: The Planet of the Night Globes

New! The Little Prince #6: The Planet of the Night Globes

By: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 9781467707381 (56p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

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When the Little Prince arrives on planet Voltaine, the nights are as bright as day, with rings of streetlamps flooding the city. These are supposed to protect the inhabitants from the Globes, strange creatures that only come out at after dark and, it's said, can to turn people to stone. But is the real problem the streetlamp seller? He's firing up the fear of the people . . . but to what end?