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Portrait of Jean-Christophe Vergne
Signature of Jean-Christophe Vergne

Jean-Christophe Vergne


Country: France

Site: jcvergne.blogspot.com


Incontournables de la littérature en BD, Les
Robinson CrusoéArt: Jean-Christophe Vergne | Script: Christophe Lemoine
Original CoverIDW Publishing: Graphic Classics #3: Robinson Crusoe

Bull Graphic Classics #3: Robinson Crusoe

By: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 9781600103865 (64p.) (2009) Format: Hardcover

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Shipwrecked on a deserted island, Robinson Crusoe has a solitary existence trying to survive from day-to-day by using the things that nature puts at his disposal. Many grim years pass, full of despair and danger, but Robinson always manages to confront his difficulties and survive. He is tenacious and philosophical, employing endless ingenuity and finding comfort in the Bible. After many years of solitude, Robinson has an incredible encounter: Friday, a young native, turns his life of silence and isolation upside down...