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Carlo Marcello

Real: Raphaƫl Carlo Marcello


Country: Italy


Club des cinq, Le
Le castel du Baron de ferArt: Carlo Marcello | Script: Serge Rosenzweig
Le gouffre du diableArt: Carlo Marcello | Script: Serge Rosenzweig | Color: Anne-Marie Marcello
Z comme Zorro
Z comme ZorroArt: Carlo Marcello | Script: Jean-Marie Nadaud
Original CoverEclipse: Zorro in Old California

Bull Zorro in Old California

By: Eclipse

ISBN: 9780913035122 (61p.) (1990) Format: Softcover

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Contains (English

Wanted! (10p)

The Assassins (10p)

Double Agent (10p)

The Scarecrow (10p)

Tight as a Noose (10p)

The Winds of Rebellion (9p)