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Bernard Joubert

Country: Italy

Dossier X
Dossier X Vengeance nymphomaneArt: Alessandro Benedetti | Script: Bernard Joubert
Original CoverLast Gasp: Nymphos Revenge

Bull Nympho's Revenge

By: Last Gasp

ISBN: 9780867196030 (46p.) (2004) Format: Softcover

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The Troubles of JThe Troubles of Janice Part 4 is the latest episode in a historical saga from a master of erotic graphics. After many tribulations as the sexual slave of a depraved aristocrat, the voluptuous Janice McCormick finds herself free. With her enemies dead and her late husband's fortune hopelessly placing her in the uptight social framework of 18th-century England, Janice journeys to Venice, the Italian city that welcomes lovers from all over the world. There she encounters - and entices - several famous individuals.