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Real: Paolo Baciliero


Country: Italy


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Le BavardArt & Script: Baciliero
Catalan Communications: The Talking Head

Bull The Talking Head

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874161052 (56p.) (1990) Format: Softcover

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Victor wakes up to find his penis has grown a face and a voice, and is rather sarcastic and bossy. He rushes into a doctor's office for help, and the doctor can only think of fame and fortune. Countess De Curtis is in the office at the time, sees his member, and has him kidnapped for experiments. Victor escapes nearly naked into the night. A girl named Monique picks him up, takes him home, and calls him Tarzan. The kidnappers keep chasing him, while the Countess makes a deal with a Mr. Moubaggi, producer of pornography, to use Victor in a film. Monique is present when the kidnappers catch up with Victor, and after they take him she tries to rescue him. The Countess takes Victor to a tropical island for the filming. During the filming natives attack, snatch Victor and build a temple to his penis. Monique rents an airplane and flies in and rescues him.