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Real: Lionel Papagelli


Country: France

Site: alfredcircus.blogspot.com


Bob Dylan revisited
Bob Dylan revisitedArt & Script: Thierry Murat, Jean-Claude Götting, Nicolas Nemiri, Lorenzo Mattotti, Gradimir Smudja, Jean-Philippe Bramanti, Dave McKean, Alfred, François Avril, Frédéric Bézian, Christopher, Benjamin Flao, Zep | Color: Henri Meunier
Original CoverW. W. Norton & Company: Bob Dylan Revisited: 13 Graphic Interpretations of Bob Dylans Songs

Bull Bob Dylan Revisited: 13 Graphic Interpretations of Bob Dylan's Songs

By: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393076172 (98p.) (2009) Format: Hardcover

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Contains (English

Blowing in the wind (6p) (Art & Script: Thierry Murat)

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (11p) (Art & Script: Lorenzo Mattotti)

I want you (6p) (Art & Script: Nicolas Nemiri)

Girl from the North Country (5p) (Art & Script: François Avril)

Lay Lady Lay (3p) (Art & Script: Jean-Claude Götting)

Positively 4th street (9p) (Art & Script: Christopher)

Tombstone Blues (5p) (Art & Script: Bézian)

Desolation Row (15p) (Art & Script: Dave McKean)

Like a Rolling Stone (9p) (Art: Alfred | Script: Maël Le Maé, Raphaëlle Le Rio)

Hurricane (9p) (Art & Script: Gradimir Smudja)

Blind Willie Mc Tell (6p) (Art & Script: Benjamin Flao)

Knockin on Heaven's Door (6p) (Art & Script: Jean-Philippe Bramanti)

Not Dark Yet (5p) (Art & Script: Zep)

Donjon Crépuscule
Haut SeptentrionArt: Alfred | Script: Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar | Color: Walter
Original CoverNBM: Dungeon #T.4: Twilight: The End of Dungeon

New! Dungeon #T.4: Twilight: The End of Dungeon


ISBN: 9781561639199 (96p.) (2014) Format: Softcover, Undersized

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Pourquoi j'ai tué Pierre
Pourquoi j'ai tué PierreArt: Alfred | Script: Olivier Ka | Color: Henri Meunier
Original CoverNBM: Why I Killed Peter

Bull Why I Killed Peter


ISBN: 9781561635436 (112p.) (2009) Format: Hardcover, Dustjacket

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Poèmes en bandes dessinées
Victor HugoArt: Gwendal Lemercier, Obion, Éric Nosal, Antoine Ronzon, Isaac Wens, Alain Sirvent, Estelle Meyrand, Alfred, Benoît Frébourg, Laurent Audoin, François Duprat, Efix, Théo Ebel | Script: Mickaël, Daniel Pecqueur, Olivier Petit, Céka
Original CoverNBM: Comics Poetry the Adapted Victor Hugo

Bull Comics Poetry the Adapted Victor Hugo


ISBN: 9781561633906 (96p.) (2004) Format: Softcover

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Contains (English

To a Man Leaving for the Hunt (5p) (Art: Théo Ebel | Script: Céka)

The Child (7p) (Art: Gwendal Lemercier | Script: Mickaël)

After the Battle (7p) (Art: Obion | Script: Mickaël)

An Old Song of Younger Times (7p) (Art: Éric Nosal | Script: Daniel Pecqueur)

On a Barricade (5p) (Art & Script: Antoine Ronzon)

Oceano Nox (7p) (Art: Isaac Wens | Script: Olivier Petit)

Pirate's Song (8p) (Art: Alain Sirvent | Script: Céka)

Vivar (6p) (Art: Estelle Meyrand | Script: Olivier Petit)

At Dawn Tomorrow... (5p) (Art & Script: Alfred)

The Beggar (5p) (Art & Script: Benoît Frébourg)

The Word (3p) (Art: Laurent Audoin | Script: Olivier Petit)

Tonigh in Clouds… (5p) (Art: Francois Duprat | Script: Céka)

Pretty Girls (5p) (Art & Script: Efix)

Premières fois
Premières foisArt: Jérôme D'Aviau, Capucine, Virginie Augustin, Vince, Dave McKean, Dominique Bertail, Cyril Pedrosa, Alfred, Rica, Olivier Vatine | Script: Sibylline
Original CoverNBM/Eurotica: First Time

Bull First Time

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561635498 (112p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

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Contains (English

First Time (10p) (Art: Alfred | Script: Sibylline)

Sex Shop (10p) (Art: Capucine | Script: Sibylline)

Fantasy (10p) (Art: Jérôme D'Aviau | Script: Sibylline)

1 + 1 (10p) (Art: Virginie Augustin | Script: Sibylline)

2 + 1 (10p) (Art: Vince | Script: Sibylline)

Nobody (10p) (Art: Rica | Script: Sibylline)

Club (10p) (Art: Olivier Vatine | Script: Sibylline)

Submission (10p) (Art: Cyril Pedrosa | Script: Sibylline)

Sodomy (10p) (Art: Dominique Bertail | Script: Sibylline)

X-Rated (10p) (Art: Dave McKean | Script: Sibylline)