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Alessandro Scacchia


Country: Italy

Site: http://www.alessandroscacchia.com/it/


Mona Agent X
Premieres ArmesArt & Script: Alessandro Scacchia
Original CoverNBM/Eurotica: Mona, Agent X #1: Dangerous Initiation

New! Mona, Agent X #1: Dangerous Initiation

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561637676 (48p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

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Mona goes from star of a lavicious reality TV show to unemployed as fast as being bested by a sluttier competitor. She then lands what seems to be the perfect movie role... until she sees how they've made her look. Her public image in ruins, she now has nothing left to lose - and who's that killer blonde with the silencer? Suspense, intrigue, sex and perversion, as only an Italian can cook up!