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Graton, Jean

Michael Valliant Series: The Mystery Driver

ISBN: 9780965138000

Pages: 64

Year: 1997

Format: Hardcover

Art & Script: Jean Graton

Michel Vaillant

#17 (1970) French Le fantôme des 24 heures (44p)

Michael has to do the Grand Prix circuit in last year's car because his father won't commit the Vaillante company resources to redesign. A masked driver with a superior car shows up as his stiffest competition, until two Russians and an American join the races in an expression of Cold War competition. The Russians are surprisingly good, having created a replica track in the Ukraine to train on. The American is an old friend, Steve Warson. When the mystery driver is revealed as Michael's brother John, the mystery car is also revealed as a new Vaillante, designed without dad's permission. Steve's car gives out, so he joins the Vaillante team and together they beat the Russians. Tracks and races shown in detail are: Monaco, Francorchamps, Gueux (Reims), and Monza.

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