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Armed and Dangerous

ISBN: 9780878163618

Year: 1998

Format: Softcover

Art: Mezzo | Script: Michel Pirus

Désarmés (Les)

#1 (1991) French Les désarmés 1 (47p)

Jack Countances, Angela's oldest son, comes back to town and robs the bank. Clayton sees him getting ready to do it, and tells Sheriff Blocker ahead of time. The Sheriff makes a show of trying to stop Jack, but lets him get away. Then Blocker visits Angela, assuming correctly that Jack will go to her, and demands that Angela should help him get the bank money from Jack. Blocker, Clayton and Angela are partners in an organized crime ring currently planning to rob another bank, in Stockton. What Clayton and Angela don't know is that they're being set up to take the fall for the job by higher-ups (Dexter Farnum and Kendrick). When Blocker and Clayton come to Angela's house to get the money from the first robbery, Angela kills Blocker and leaves with Clayton and the money. Angela's two sons catch up with them in the Sheriff's car, get rid of Clayton, and head for Mexico. The police car is not well-maintained. The tires blow and the car overturns in the desert.

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