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Dragon's Dream

- Other books -
Druillet, Philippe

Lone Sloane: Delirius

ISBN: 9789063326913

Pages: 144

Year: 1979

Format: Softcover

Lone Sloane

#2 (1972) French Les six voyages de Lone Sloane (as The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane) (62p)

Art & Script: Philippe Druillet

Contains (French):

Le Trone du Dieu Noir (10p)

Les Iles du Vent Sauvage (9p)

Rose (9p)

Le Pont sur les Etoiles (9p)

O Sidarta (9p)

Terra (9p)

#3 (1973) French Delirius (70p)

Art: Philippe Druillet | Script: Jacques Lob

Lone Sloane is still stuck on the planet aptly named Delirius, He seems ever destined to battle against evil in this world. As the world is called to war, will he be able stay away? His adventures will force Lone Sloane to accept his destiny and prepare himself for the battle with his enemy, the tyrant Shaan, the Emperor of all the galaxies..

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