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- Other books -
Bilal, Enki

New! The Nikopol Trilogy

ISBN: 9781401203849

Pages: 176

Year: 2004

Format: Softcover

Art & Script: Enki Bilal


#1 (1980) French La foire aux immortels (as The Carnival of Immortals) (62p)

#2 (1986) French La Femme Piège (as The Woman Trap) (54p)

#3 (1992) French Froid équateur (as Equator Cold) (54p)

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Moreno, Pepe

Generation Zero

ISBN: 9781563890178

Pages: 127

Year: 1991

Format: Softcover

Art & Script: Archie Goodwin, Pepe Moreno

Generation Zero

Generation Zero (114p)


Phantom City (13p)

The Chess Game (12p)

The Connection (11p)

Desert Hunt (16p)

Rat's Nest (11p)

Jungle Trail (10p)

Terror In Paradise (12p)

The Last Battle (11p)

Face To Face (18p)

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Savoia Sylvain

New! Marzi

ISBN: 9781401229597

Pages: 256

Year: 2011

Format: Softcover

Art: Sylvain Savoia | Script: Marzena Sowa


#1 (2005) French Petite carpe (46p)

#2 (2006) French Sur la Terre comme au ciel (46p)

#3 (2007) French Rezystor (46p)

#4 (2008) French Le bruit des villes (46p)

#5 (2009) French Pas de liberté sans solidarité (46p)

#6 (2011) French Tout va mieux... (46p)

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