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- Other books -

New! The New Comics Anthology

ISBN: 9780020093619

Pages: 288

Year: 1991

Format: Softcover

34 Penn Station (2p)

Art: José Muñoz | Script: Carlos Sampayo

Public Utilities (2p)

Art & Script: Francis Masse

Wonderland (2p)

Art & Script: Pascal Doury

The Adventures of Herge: 50 Years Ago (3p)

Art & Script: Joost Swarte

The Law (3p)

Art & Script: Marti

The Twiddlers (3p)

Art & Script: Mokeït

Los Garriris: Unexpected Journey With Los Garriris (4p)

Art & Script: Javier Mariscal

Ocean View (4p)

Art & Script: Loustal

Vanity (4p)

Art & Script: Lorenzo Mattotti

Ticket, S.V.P! (6p)

Art & Script: Caro

French Le meurtrier de Hung (as The Murder of Hung) (8p)

Art: Jacques Tardi | Script: Dominique Grange

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