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- Other books -
Auad - Bernet, Jordi


ISBN: 9780966938128

Pages: 223

Year: 2003

Format: Hardcover

Babe Ruth's 100th Homerun (as Babe Ruth's 100th Run) (5p)

Art: Jordi Bernet | Script: Oscaraibar

Something I Remembered (10p)

Art: Jordi Bernet | Script: Roberto Dal Pra'

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The Best of Jordi Bernet's Clara

ISBN: 9780966938159

Pages: 96

Year: 2006

Format: Hardcover

Art: Jordi Bernet | Script: Eduardo Maicas, Jordi Bernet, Carlos Trillo

Claire de Nuit

#1 (2000) French Claire de Nuit 1 (94p)


What, You Want a Joke Too? (2p)

Clara, look... (2p)

You Boys From the Magazine... (2p)

...and I Even Went to See a Psychiatrist... (2p)

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