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- Other books -
Druillet, Philippe


ISBN: 9789063325213

Pages: 144

Year: 1978

Format: Softcover


#1 (1974) French Yragaël ou la fin des temps (60p)

Art: Philippe Druillet | Script: Michel Demuth

#2 (1975) French Urm le fou (55p)

Art & Script: Philippe Druillet

Urm the Madman" is the son of Yragael and two mothers, all of them now dead for one hundred years. Urm is called to rule and renew the Earth. To do so he must find a talisman left by his father in the city now called the Black City. A lion-faced man tries to eat him, but Urm gets away, then defeats the man. But the city is destroyed, and Urm is cast into the desert, where a little dragon spits at him and kills him.

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