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 Sample of Yakari


Art: Derib

Script: Job

Color: Dominique

Status: Ended

Genre: Adventure

Yakari is a little Indian, courageous and generous, whose happy life all children would like to share. Astride Little Thunder, his faithful mustang, Yakari gallops across the Great Prairie, where people and animals live in harmony and migrate according to the seasons. Endowed with the wonderful ability to talk with all the animals, Yakari comes to know their way of life and their environment. Through his encounters and discoveries, Yakari passes on to young readers of his fascinating adventures a sense of respect, tolerance, justice, and solidarity. With humour and kindness, Yakari also teaches how to take advantage of lessons about life revealed by Mother Nature...

1. 1973 44p.Yakari
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #1: Yakari and Great Eagle

Bull Yakari #1: Yakari and Great Eagle

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460045 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

Yakari meets his friend Great Eagle in his dreams. His wish of seeing him for real will come true the day that he manages to be like him. So Yakari tries to fly, but in vain. Then he saves his friend Rainbow from an attack by a mother Puma. And finally he saves the life of the mustang Little Thunder, stuck on a mountain ledge. It is with Little Thunder that Yakari discovers his formidable talent: he can talk to the animals. As a reward for his numerous exploits, Great Eagle gives Yakari his most beautiful feather. But nobody in his tribe will believe the little Indian...

2. 1976 44p.Yakari et le bison blanc
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #2: Yakari and the White Buffalo

Bull Yakari #2: Yakari and the White Buffalo

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460052 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

Spring is a long time coming on the Great Prairie. The Sioux tribe awaits the return of the buffalo. The tribe is hungry. Yakari, who lives his dreams, goes with Little Thunder to look for the herd led by White Buffalo. The two friends cross a scorching desert before finding themselves faced with a wall of rocks. Yakari scales the wall and discovers green pastures where the much-awaited herd is lingering. The bison take refuge there when they lack food during the migrations. Yakari is the first human to walk these fertile lands that are hidden in the desert. Knowing that the Red Men need them, the buffalo obey their destiny. Yakari will keep his discovery a secret.

3. 1977 44p.Chez les Castors
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #3: Yakari and the Beavers

Bull Yakari #3: Yakari and the Beavers

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460090 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

Yakari discovers a colony of beavers busy building their dam. There we find Thousand-mouths, the short-tempered building site boss; Wooden-Dam, the smiling old wise man; Wooden-Bed, the sleepyhead; Double-Tooth, the eternally inspired sculptor... and last but not least Little Linden Tree, a lively kid. While they are bathing, this infernal little beaver disappears. Yakari will find him exploring the underground waterways of the river. Linden Tree will, of course, receive his first smacking (Rough-Bark, his father, is so worried!) and Double-Tooth will finally be able to present his masterpiece to the amazed colony.

4. 1978 46p.Yakari et Nanabozo
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #11: Yakari and Nanabozo

New! Yakari #11: Yakari and Nanabozo

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181778 (48p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

Nanabozo, the Great Rabbit, is... well, a giant rabbit. He's also a powerful sorcerer, and Rainbow's spirit guide, as Great Eagle is for Yakari. When he appears to the young Sioux to tell him his charge has disappeared, little Yakari is swept up in a quest that will make him turn into a giant, run on smoke, fly, and travel to the ice banks where the polar bears play.

5. 1979 46p.Yakari et le grizzly
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #4: Yakari and the Grizzly

Bull Yakari #4: Yakari and the Grizzly

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460168 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover

Something very serious is happening in the High Hills. Several animals have disappeared. A terrible grizzly has captured them and treats them as slaves, forcing them to find food for him. Arming himself with courage, Yakari bravely decides to face the vile tyrant. But how can a child stand before the wild animal? Great Eagle advises Yakari to wait for winter, when the bear, satiated, will sleep...

6. 1981 46p.Le secret de petit tonnerre
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #12: Little Thunders Secret

New! Yakari #12: Little Thunder's Secret

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182232 (48p.) (2014) Format: Softcover

Little Thunder is quite an astounding pony, and he and Yakari truly are the best of friends. So when upon waking up one morning, he discovers that his mount has left the village, the young Sioux boy is devastated. He tries to find his friend, but is forced to give up as the trail grows cold: whatever it is that drives Little Thunder, he's heading due south as fast as he can. What is it that calls out to him?

7. 1982 46p.L'étranger
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #5: Yakari and the Stranger

Bull Yakari #5: Yakari and the Stranger

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460274 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

There's panic among the beavers. A pelican, fiendishly sick with a cold, makes an emergency landing among them. Not only does this undesirable guest keep all the neighbourhood awake with his monstrous sneezes, but he's dying of hunger. Yakari and Little Thunder bring him to the otters, who cram him with fish. The pelican puts on weight again quickly, but his thundering cold persists!

8. 1983 46p.Au pays des loups
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #6: Yakari in the Land of Wolves

Bull Yakari #6: Yakari in the Land of Wolves

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460298 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

ormented Wolf, a warrior from Yakari's tribe, has an obsession: to take his revenge on the wolf who attacked and injured him three winters before. This wolf limps... Yakari has crossed the path of Three Legs. He is afraid, but a dream and the intervention of Great Eagle, his totem, encourage him to join the wolves. He will earn the trust of the pack's leader...

9. 1983 46p.Les Prisonniers de l'Ile
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #7: The Island Prisoners

Bull Yakari #7: The Island Prisoners

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180108 (48p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

When a storm takes them by surprise, Yakari, his best friend Rainbow and his pony Little Thunder take cover in a cave. They discover when they come out of their refuge that the hill they are on is surrounded by rising water. On this new island they befriend a wounded moose threatened by a merciless predator...

10. 1984 46p.Le grand terrier
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #13: The Great Burrow

New! Yakari #13: The Great Burrow

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182720 (48p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

Yakari wakes up one morning to find a series of arrows forming a trail. Following it, he soon finds himself the exasperated victim of pranks, mockeries and other vexing tomfoolery by an unknown bear cub. The young joker's hideout is a massive burrow, with multiple galleries and entrances. It's all very innocent and tame, but even the most harmless of pranks can turn dangerous when bad luck strikes.

11. 1985 46p.La toison blanche
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #8: Yakari and the White Fleece

Bull Yakari #8: Yakari and the White Fleece

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180559 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

A strange eagle has wounded a brave from Yakari's tribe and stolen his talisman. To recover it and allow the man to wake from his unnatural slumber, young Yakari will have to climb a mountain to find the eagle's nest. Forced to go alone when Little Thunder can't follow anymore, he will have to make new friends-with sure feet and warm coats-and brave the majestic bird's proud anger.

12. 1986 46p.Yakari et le coyote
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #9: Yakari and the Coyote

Bull Yakari #9: Yakari and the Coyote

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181013 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

When the beavers bring Yakari a battered old canoe, the young Sioux and his friends repair it and go for a little trip-and find more adventure than they bargained for, in the person of a father coyote. Fortunately, their new friend is up to his reputation for cunning: When Buffalo Seed is cornered by an angry puma, it will take all of the coyote's tricks, combined with Yakari's bravery, to get the young hunter out of his predicament.

13. 1987 46p.les seigneurs des plaines
Original Cover
14. 1988 46p.Le vol des corbeaux
Original Cover
15. 1989 46p.La rivière de l'oubli
Original CoverCinebook: Yakari #10: The River of Forgetfulness

Bull Yakari #10: The River of Forgetfulness

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181402 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

While trying to save a bear cub from drowning, Yakari falls into the river and hits his head on a rock. By the time he washes ashore and is found by a distraught bear mother, he has forgotten who he is. The she-bear is convinced that he is her son, turned into a human by the Bear Spirit, and begins to train him for his new life. Can Yakari's friends find him before he disappears into his new world for good?

16. 1990 46p.Le premier galop
Original Cover
17. 1991 46p.Le monstre du lac
Original Cover
18. 1992 46p.L'oiseau de neige
Original Cover
19. 1993 46p.la barrière de feu
Original Cover
20. 1994 46p.Le diable des bois
Original Cover
21. 1995 46p.Le souffleur de nuages
Original Cover
22. 1996 46p.La fureur du ciel
Original Cover
23. 1997 46p.Yakari et les cornes fourchues
Original Cover
24. 1998 46p.Yakari et l'ours fantôme
Original Cover
25. 1999 46p.Le mystère de la falaise
Original Cover
26. 2000 46p.La vengeance du carcajou
Original Cover
27. 2001 46p.et longues-oreilles
Original Cover
28. 2002 46p.Le chêne qui parlait
Original Cover
29. 2003 46p.Le réveil du géant
Original Cover
30. 2004 46p.Le marcheur de nuit
Original Cover
31. 2005 46p.Yakari et les Appaloosas
Original Cover
32. 2006 46p.Les griffes de l'ours
Original Cover
33. 2007 46p.Le marais de la peur
Original Cover
34. 2008 46p.Le retour du lapin magicien
Original Cover
35. 2009 46p.L'escapade de l'ourson
Original Cover