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 Sample of XIII


Art: William Vance

Script: Jean Van Hamme

Color: Petra

Status: Ended

Genre: Detective/Thriller

A man washes ashore-barely alive, a bullet hole in his head. On his shoulder, a tattoo of the Roman number XIII. And not a single memory of who he was, or how he got there. No sooner has he been nursed back to his feet by kind rescuers than armed goons track him down and attempt to kill him. Relentlessly pursued by assassins and secret agents, the man known as XIII begins a long quest to explore his past and recover his identity... From a presidential assassination to a coup d'état in South America; from a deadly conspiracy within the corridors of Washington DC to a break-out from a high-security prison for the criminally insane; through an ever increasing list of aliases... XIII will forge on against formidable odds and powerful, merciless opponents, until he knows, at last, who he is.

1. 1984 46p.Le jour du soleil noir
Original CoverXIII #1: XIII 1 [+1 magazines]Cinebook: XIII #1: The Day Of The Black SunMarvel: XIII 1Catalan Communications: Code XIII #1: Day of the Black Sun

Bull XIII #1: XIII 1 [+1 magazines]

As: 'XIII'

Bull XIII #1: The Day Of The Black Sun

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180399 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

Bull XIII 1

By: Marvel

As: 'Day of the Black Sun'

ISBN: 9780785126539 (144p.) (2007) Format: Softcover, Undersized

Bull Code XIII #1: Day of the Black Sun

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160611 (48p.) (1989) Format: Softcover

A man washes ashore near an old couple's house, barely alive. When he comes to, he has forgotten everything, including his name. The only clues to his identity: a key sewn into his clothes, a bullet wound to the head... and the number XIII tattooed on his shoulder. A meagre start to reconstruct one's self. The central character in "XIII" is an amnesiac on the run, caught in the crossfire as he tries to understand his true identity while attempting to make sense of various conspiracies swirling around him.

2. 1985 46p.Là où va l'indien
Original CoverXIII #3: XIII 3 [+1 magazines]Cinebook: XIII #2: Where The Indian WalksMarvel: XIII 1Catalan Communications: Code XIII #2: Where the Indian Walks

Bull XIII #3: XIII 3 [+1 magazines]

As: 'XIII'

Bull XIII #2: Where The Indian Walks

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180405 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

Bull XIII 1

By: Marvel

As: 'Where the Indian Walks'

ISBN: 9780785126539 (144p.) (2007) Format: Softcover, Undersized

Bull Code XIII #2: Where the Indian Walks

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160819 (48p.) (1989) Format: Softcover

Convicted of murder and sent to a high-security prison for the criminally insane, XIII finds himself not only unable to continue searching for his past, but also at the mercy of his enemies. Unbeknownst to him, though, General Carrington and the beautiful (and deadly) Lieutenant Jones are still trying to unravel the mystery of the presidential assassination. All they have to do is find a way to help him before he loses his life-or his mind.

3. 1986 46p.Toutes les larmes de l'enfer
Original CoverXIII #5: XIII 5 [+1 magazines]Cinebook: XIII #3: All The Tears Of HellMarvel: XIII 1Catalan Communications: Code XIII #3: All the Tears of Hell

Bull XIII #5: XIII 5 [+1 magazines]

As: 'XIII'

Bull XIII #3: All The Tears Of Hell

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180511 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

Bull XIII 1

By: Marvel

As: 'All the Tears of Hell'

ISBN: 9780785126539 (144p.) (2007) Format: Softcover, Undersized

Bull Code XIII #3: All the Tears of Hell

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160925 (48p.) (1990) Format: Softcover

XIII is looking for a certain Kim Rowlands, a woman with whom he saw himself in a photograph. His search will yield a name-his, perhaps-and take him to a place that may be home. All families have secrets, though, and they can get a man killed. And what exactly do General Carrington and his beautiful aide Lieutenant Jones want with him?

4. 1987 46p.SPADS
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #4: SPADS


By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180580 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover, Undersized

Now called Ross Tanner, XIII joins the elite SPADS (Special Assault and Destruction Squad) to try to learn more about Captain Rowlands, his last identity. As if the shadowy threats hanging over his head weren't enough, he also has to contend with gruelling training and a hostile instructor. Meanwhile, in Washington, enquiries continue into a presidential assassination, and a series of clues emerges, pointing towards people XIII thought his allies. Can he trust Colonel Amos, General Carrington, or. Lieutenant Jones?

5. 1988 46p.Rouge total
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #5: Full Red

Bull XIII #5: Full Red

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180658 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

XIII, Jones and Betty Barnowsky escaped the deadly trap set by Colonel McCall. Lost in a hostile jungle, they must now make their way back to America. And they must be quick: In Washington, every ally the fugitives ever had has been arrested in preparation for the conspirators' master stroke, coinciding with a general exercise of all American armed forces: Operation Full Red. Suddenly, XIII's quest becomes a last-ditch fight for the freedom of an entire nation.

6. 1990 46p.Le dossier Jason Fly
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #6: The Jason Fly Case

Bull XIII #6: The Jason Fly Case

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180733 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

With the conspiracy that nearly claimed his life dismantled, XIII can finally turn all his attention towards uncovering his own distant past. Armed with everything he could find on Jason Fly-the man he seems to be-he heads to Green Falls, where he grew up. The problem with amnesia is that you never know exactly what you'll dig up when you go home again. And...is everything really solved concerning the presidential assassination that cost him his memory?

7. 1990 46p.La nuit du 3 août
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #7: The Night of August Third

Bull XIII #7: The Night of August Third

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180788 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

XIII and Jones are on the run. Hunted by local authorities, they're suspected of three murders, including that of The Mongoose's hired killer. The sheriff of Green Falls, henchman to the town's biggest landowner, is all too happy to accuse the fugitives: The two men don't want certain details from the past to surface. XIII is going to have to survive long enough to dig up the truth about what really happened on the night of August 3rd long ago

8. 1991 46p.Treize contre un
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #8: Thirteen to One

Bull XIII #8: Thirteen to One

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180894 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

XIII survived the trip back to his childhood home. The Mongoose has finally been caught and is in a high-security jail. But there is still one piece of the puzzle missing, andwhen President Sheridan asks him to discover who the number I is, the man now known as Jason McLane doesn't hesistate for long. His best chance: finding Kim Rowland wherever she may be hiding. But the Mongoose has powerful allies and won't stay locked up forever.

9. 1992 46p.Pour Maria
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #9: For Maria

Bull XIII #9: For Maria

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180931 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

ason McLane is on holidays with Jones at some friends' in Central America, when a peculiar priest offers him startling news: He may very well be a married man! And because nothing is ever simple in XIII's life, his apparent wife is none other than the leader of the democratic guerrillas in neighbouring Costa Verde, Maria De Los Santos-currently awaiting execution in a maximum security fortress. Time for the amnesiac to put his skills to good use again- for Maria.

10. 1994 46p.El cascador
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #10: El Cascador

Bull XIII #10: El Cascador

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181020 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

Captured and imprisoned in the Roca Negra fortress, XIII is being tortured by the sinister Colonel Peralta. But, for all his pain and suffering, he's also in the same building as Maria, the woman who may be his wife. And they have plenty of dedicated, resourceful friends outside - as well as at least one traitor. Still unsure of his past, Jason McLane will have no choice but to become the man known as El CascadorA" to clean up Costa Verde once and for all.

11. 1995 52p.Trois montres d'argent
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #11: Three Silver Watches

Bull XIII #11: Three Silver Watches

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181099 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

XIII has freed a country, exposed a traitor, reunited with his wife... and found his father. As he deals-somewhat against his will-with the aftermath of the revolution in Costa Verde, Sean Mullway recounts for him his family's history: Irish immigrants, remorseless Mafiosi, Mexican gold, and three silver watches. New answers will also bring new questions and a whole new set of potential enemies just as old ones come back to the fore.

12. 1997 46p.Le jugement
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #12: The Trial

Bull XIII #12: The Trial

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181143 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

Called back to the USA by the frantic government, McLane and Jones discover that General Carrington has kidnapped Wally Sheridan, President of the United States! Holed up in a secret base he's turned into a fortress, Carrington intends to put Sheridan on trial on live TV and expose him as the Number I of the conspiracy. To do that, he's going to need XIII's help in bringing in his main witness: the Mongoose!

13. 1999 110p.The XIII mystery - L'enquête
Original Cover
14. 2000 46p.Secret défense
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #13: Top Secret

Bull XIII #13: Top Secret

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181211 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover, Undersized

The Mongoose is dead. So is Number I. But, since he was the President of the United States, XIII's friends are all on the run again. McLane, though, has been arrested, and he's being judged in secret by the heads of the American intelligence community. Sentenced to life in a secret prison, he has no illusions that he'll ever reach it. The ruthlessness of the NSA Director proves him right-but he's not the only one who wants XIII dead

15. 2002 46p.Lachez les chiens !
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #14: Release the Hounds

Bull XIII #14: Release the Hounds

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181280 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

Having escaped from the clutches of Irina's organization, XIII is on the loose in America but still hunted by both Giordino's NSA and Irina's top assassin, Jessica. As he tries to return to his friends in San Miguel, he's forced to dodge bullets and outsmart various traps and ambushes. With the odds stacked against him, he will have to rely on help from an enemy and his own mounting anger at the constant string of attacks.

16. 2004 46p.Opération Montecristo
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #15: Operation Montecristo

Bull XIII #15: Operation Montecristo

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181341 (48p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

Arrested by the Costaverdean authorities because of pressure from the US, XIII and his friends are awaiting their extradition. Instead, they're freed by Costaverdean troops in disguise. But they can't afford to stick around, as they're still on the run from the most powerful nation on Earth. Desperate for money, McLane decides to go after Maximilian's gold, as Mullway believes he's found the location of the third silver watch. The problem is that the location is under 150 feet of water...

17. 2005 46p.L'or de Maximilien
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #16: Maximilians Gold

Bull XIII #16: Maximilian's Gold

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181396 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

XIII and his friends, still in hiding from the NSA, now have the riddle from all three silver watches - and Maximilian's gold is within their reach. But the treasure is well hidden. Not to mention that $15 million is enough to attract a lot of unwanted attention. Meanwhile, in Washington, an increasingly desperate Frank Giordino can feel the noose tightening around his neck - and men are at their most dangerous when desperate. All he needs is someone to bring him the right information...

18. 2007 44p.La version IrlandaiseArt: Moebius | Color: Moebius, Claire Champeval
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #17: The Irish Version

New! XIII #17: The Irish Version

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181457 (48p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

Little by little, XIII has reconstructed most of his life and figured out who he is. With one exception: There is still a gap in his college years, when Jason McLane became Kelly Brian. A gap that may mean the amnesiac adventurer is in fact an Irish terrorist, Seamus O'Neil. This flashback brings us back to Boulder, Colorado and Northern Ireland, where the last piece of the XIII puzzle and his final identity are revealed.

19. 2007 46p.Le dernier round
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #18: The Last Round

New! XIII #18: The Last Round

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181518 (48p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

XIII and his friends have failed to recover Maximilian's gold and are tired of hiding, running and struggling. When two books come out in the USA relating all the events of the amnesiac's life and the details of the Conspiracy of the XX, they see it as a possible chance to come out in the open and trust in their country's justice. But they still have enemies, at home and abroad, and everyone is set on a collision course

20. 2011 46p.Le jour du MayflowerArt: William Vance, Youri Jigounov | Script: Yves Sente
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #19: The Day of the Mayflower

New! XIII #19: The Day of the Mayflower

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182218 (48p.) (2014) Format: Softcover

After all his adventures across the American continent, after defeating his many enemies, XIII is trying to live a simple life in the house he inherited, where it all started. It's not always easy - not everyone is happy to have such an infamous man in the area, and his skills are in high demand with some people of varying integrity. His memories are still locked away, too, and some people want to keep it that way.

21. 2012 46p.L'appâtArt: Youri Jigounov | Script: Yves Sente
Original CoverCinebook: XIII #20: The Bait

New! XIII #20: The Bait

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182386 (48p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

XIII is hiding in France at the Prseaus, after a past more nebulous he even believed possible caught up to him again. But the organisation that's after him hasn't said its last word, and has considerable means at its disposal. It lures Jones, on duty in Afghanistan, into a terrible ambush, for the sole purpose of serving as bait for the amnesiac - who immediately rushes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Betty Barnowsky-Prseau is off to Maine to dig into XIII's past.

22. 2013 46p.Retour à GreenfallsArt: Youri Jigounov | Script: Yves Sente
Original Cover
23. 2014 46p.Le Message du martyrArt: Youri Jigounov | Script: Yves Sente
Original Cover