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Beatles with an A


Art: Mauri Kunnas

Script: Mauri Kunnas

Status: One Shot

Genre: Biography/Music

These are the first beats of the Beatles' career as only legendary rock cartoonist Mauri Kunnas could tell them. Hilarious moments and details that even dedicated fans won't remember having heard before are all told with Kunnas's characteristically raucous humour and virtuosic drawing skills. The riotous tale of the first hesitant steps of the world's most famous band. From rocking-horse to the recording studio in Abbey Road, where the first singles were laid down. It is a story told thousands of times over, but never in quite such a wacky screwball manner.

2012 75p.Piitles
Original CoverKnockabout: Beatles with an A : Birth of a Band

New! Beatles with an A : Birth of a Band

By: Knockabout

ISBN: 9780861662340 (80p.) (2014) Format: Hardcover