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 Sample of Otto Porfiri

Otto Porfiri

Art: Franco Saudelli

Script: Franco Saudelli

Status: One Shot

1. 2002 88p.Red Moon
Original CoverDark Horse: Otto Porfini #1: Red Moon

Bull Otto Porfini #1: Red Moon

By: Dark Horse

ISBN: 9781569716274 (88p.) (2002) Format: Softcover

Contains (English):

Red Moon (28p)

An Easy Case (10p)

Where Have You Gone, Champ? (44p)

2. Drama on the Cliff
Dark Horse: Otto Porfini #2: Drama on the Cliff

Bull Otto Porfini #2: Drama on the Cliff

By: Dark Horse

ISBN: 9781569716267 (84p.) (2001) Format: Softcover

Contains (English):

A as in Actor (23p)

Devilish People (21p)

Nero Von Wurtburg (26p)

Drama on the Cliff (12p)