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 Sample of Miss Annie

Miss Annie

Art: Flore Balthazar

Script: Frank Le Gall

Color: Robin Doo

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Humour

1. 2010 66p.Miss Annie 1
Original CoverGraphic Universe: Miss Annie! #1: Freedom!

Bull Miss Annie! #1: Freedom!

By: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 9780761385462 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover

Miss Annie is just a kitten, but she loves having adventures on the rooftops outside her home. When a gang of dangerous alley cats invade her street, Miss Annie will have to prove her bravery and determination...and her loyalty to her very best friend, a mouse. Can one little cat stand on her own?

2. Miss Annie 2
Graphic Universe: Miss Annie! #2: Rooftop Cat

Bull Miss Annie! #2: Rooftop Cat

By: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 9780761385479 (48p.) (2012) Format: Softcover