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 Sample of Lorna


Art: Azpiri

Script: Azpiri

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Science Fiction

Lorna, the space scout, is the sexiest girl in the galaxy. On long lonely journeys, she needs her robot to stimulate her most primal needs. Thanks from Capt Chuck!

1. 1981 50p.Lorna y su robot
Original Cover
2. 1984 Las nuevas aventuras de Lorna y su robot
Original CoverHeavy Metal: Lorna #2: Lorna and Her Robot

Bull Lorna #2: Lorna and Her Robot

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781882931460 (46p.) (2000) Format: Softcover

Contains Lorna #10-13, 16-22

2. 1998 56p.Leviatán
Original CoverHeavy Metal #176: 1998 SeptemberHeavy Metal: Lorna #3: Leviathan

Bull Heavy Metal #176: 1998 September

As: 'Leviathan'

Bull Lorna #3: Leviathan

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781882931590 (2000) Format: Hardcover

Lorna is out of her ship fighting a monster, when the ship is invaded and her two robots, Arnold and A.D.L., are kidnapped. A seer tells her that the droids were taken by Dimko hunters. Lorna goes undercover, and enrolls as a prostitute on the ship Pequod, where the robots have been taken. She learns that only Captain Ahab and Snaider, the second in command, have keys to the lifeboats. Lorna stows away on a hunting boat with Queequeg and Snaider, hoping to snatch Snaider's key. That doesn't work, but she saves his life and gets invited to Ahab's cabin. Ahab tells her his story, about the giant Dimko that took his leg. Ahab takes her out in the hunting boat when the leviathan is sighted, to share his victory. When he harpoons it and the boat is destroyed, Lorna takes the opportunity to grab his lifeboat key. The leviathan attacks the Pequod, but Lorna makes it there on a jet ski in time to get herself and the robots to safety.

3. 1996 64p.Mouse Club
Original CoverHeavy Metal #144: 1993 May [+6 magazines]Heavy Metal: Lorna #1: Mouse Club

Bull Heavy Metal #144: 1993 May [+6 magazines]

As: 'Mouse Club'

Bull Lorna #1: Mouse Club

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781882931224 (56p.) (1993) Format: Hardcover

Contains (English):

Hibernation (6p) (Heavy Metal #144: 1993 May)

Mouse Club (4p) (Heavy Metal Special #7: 1992 15 Years Of)

(Heavy Metal #127: 1990 July)

The Return (10p) (Heavy Metal #152: 1994 September)

Blue Chip (4p) (Heavy Metal Special #13: 1995 Havoc as 'Blue Chip, Or: The Planet Installation')

The Great Undart (8p) (Heavy Metal #159: 1995 November)

Astroport (8p) (Heavy Metal #166: 1997 January)

The Gate (6p) (Heavy Metal Special #15: 1996 Special Edition - Sinkha)

Pilgrims (8p)

5. 2001 48p.El arka
Original CoverHeavy Metal: Lorna #5: The ArkHeavy Metal #197: 2002 March

Bull Lorna #5: The Ark

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781882931927 (48p.) (2001) Format: Hardcover

Bull Heavy Metal #197: 2002 March

As: 'The Ark'

6. 2003 62p.El ojo de Dart-An-Gor
Original CoverHeavy Metal: Lorna #4: The Eye of Dart-an-Gor

Bull Lorna #4: The Eye of Dart-an-Gor

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781932413380 (64p.) (2005) Format: Hardcover

7. 2005 62p.Sombras perdidas
Original CoverHeavy Metal #221: 2006 March

Bull Heavy Metal #221: 2006 March

As: 'Lost Shadows'

8. 2006 62p.Las torres negras
Original CoverHeavy Metal: Lorna #6: The Black Castle

Bull Lorna #6: The Black Castle

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781932413823 (64p.) (2008) Format: Softcover