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 Sample of Hanté



Art: Philippe Dupuy

Script: Philippe Dupuy

Status: One Shot

Genre: Test

2005 200p.Hanté
Original CoverDrawn and Quarterly: Haunted

Bull Haunted

By: Drawn and Quarterly

ISBN: 9781897299265 (208p.) (2008) Format: Hardcover

Contains (English):

Run Movie 1: Jogging (4p)

The Dog (12p)

Run Movie 2: Hands (4p)

The dReam (7p)

Run Movie 3. The Museum (13p)

Empty (15p)

Run Movie 4: The Old Lady and the Turtle (12p)

The Rats (12p)

Labyrinth (12p)

Run Movie 5: Mom (5p)

Run Movie 6: The Duck (13p)

Forest Friends (30p)

Lucha Libre (28p)

Run Movie 7: The Finish Line (4p)