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 Sample of Glam et Comet

Glam and Comet

Glam et Comet

Art: Riff Reb's

Script: Enrique Sanchez Abuli

Color: Philippe Casadeï

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Humour

1. 2005 50p.Purée cosmique
Original Cover

Contains (English):

Don't Lose Your Head! (4p) (Heavy Metal Special #39: 2005 Middle Earth)

Drepressed Line (3p) (Heavy Metal Special #42: 2006 Steam Punk)

The Lord Of The Rings (3p) (Heavy Metal #218: 2005 September)

Next! (5p) (Heavy Metal #222: 2006 May)

2. 2007 50p.Bons baisers de SaturneScript: Corcal
Original Cover