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 Sample of Colin-Maillard



Art: Max Cabanes

Script: Max Cabanes

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Graphic Novel

1. 1989 77p.Colin-Maillard
Original CoverNo Cover Picture for Xpresso: Heart ThrobsCatalan Communications: Heartthrobs

Bull Heart Throbs

By: Xpresso

ISBN: 9781853862625 (83p.) (1991) Format: Softcover

Bull Heartthrobs

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874161281 (83p.) (1991) Format: Softcover

Contains (English):

Bertilia (18p)

Marybelle (15p) (Crisis Presents #2: Dance With a Stranger as 'Marianne')

The Spinster (12p)

Roberta (11p)

Rose-Marie (12p)

2. 1997 86p.Maxou contre l'athl├Ęte
Original Cover